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Self Care = Success

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Self Care = Success

I’m thrilled to be sharing one of my very favorite topics of all time, the power of excellent self care! This is part one in a three-part series, sharing with you some tips and tools to help you up level your self care so you increase your confidence, which in turn...

The Power of Habits

When you look at life and you study success, there's this quote that says, "Success leaves clues."  When you want to create anything new in your life, you want to up-level it, create something brand new, create greater health, wealth, relationships, connectivity,...

Develop a Positive Attitude!

There is nothing more influential to your success, your sales, your income, your business, your relationships, your health, than that of the attitude that you’re carrying with you in life.  I want you to consider this concept by Stephen Covey where he says, “We see...

Release The Outcome

There are lots of things, events, and outcomes we cannot control – and we can create a lot of drama, struggle, and misery in our lives trying to do so… A few weeks ago I wrote a lengthy Facebook post (see image below) that contained my own personal aha and awareness...

Office Hours for the Entrepreneur

A few nuggets to look at for yourself:

What are my office hours?
When am I most productive?
What activities have the biggest influence to sales & income?
Creating a thriving business while playing more

The Law of the Harvest

I love Spring and I love Fall – and I love how the two are connected. I’ve been spending time planting new flowers, weeding, and gardening quite a bit this last week. I love the new season that is upon us. Gardening is symbolic of life – planting, nourishing, weeding,...