Are you ready to nourish the goddess that you are?

Activate and expand your feminine energy and influence?

Drop into the flow and open up to receiving and manifesting your desires?

Beauty, influence, creation, trust, and flow live in the feminine and accessing your powerful nature is a gateway to a rich, magnetic, and vivacious life.

Join me for this upcoming Girls Night In

as we invite, nurture, and expand your feminine energy and sense of self love.

Goddess Gathering Masterclass
Thursday, February 16th, 2023
7 pm — 9 pm MST via Zoom
Location: the comfort of your own home

Let’s nourish you and your feminine energy to feel more connected to goodness of life and the manifesting of your deepest desires.

This gathering is for you if you feel…

  • Exhausted, worn out, and disconnected from your playful, vibrant, sensual self.
  • Lost amidst all the laundry and carpooling.
  • Ready to feel more vivacious, vibrant, and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Curious about learning how to manifest with more ease, grace, and allowing of what you desire to come to you.
  • Seeking to develop self care habits to activate and support the energy you desire on a regular basis.
  • Disconnected from your feminine and perhaps taking on too much masculine, “I have to do it all myself” energy.
  • Ready to gather with a safe sisterhood to hold space and nourish the good together
  • Open to a fun, playful, energetic, and exciting new experience.

Can I be vulnerable with you?

I wasn’t always so connected to my feminine energy.

And I was often blocking my own desires.

Sure I did my hair and makeup and wore cute, feminine clothing on the outside.

Yet energetically I was often much more in my masculine energy.

I often felt like I needed to handle everything, attempting to control, protect my heart at all costs, and for a long time, feeling like I had to earn my worth, value, and like I had something to prove.

Maybe you can relate to that too?

Sometimes we are trying to be superwoman all the time and do it all ourselves.


Now there is a lot of grace here for myself and hopefully for you too.

There were definitely different life experiences, heartache, and some challenging things had helped shape that for me.

Yet as I began my own journey of personal work years ago and deeper into the self love journey, I began to heal.

I began to practice new rituals and open up more so to my feminine core.

I started seeing more and more experiences, opportunities, gifts, and love flow to me with ease, grace, and allowing then trying to hustle it or force it to happen.

It’s been a journey and I’m still on it, yet I love helping more and more women open up to their feminine self, to the honey source as I like to call it, and allowing more ease, beauty, and joy to come in.

Joy is magnetic my friends so let’s experience more of this together!

So let’s gather goddesses, shall we?

And come home to the potent, life giving energy of your feminine, goddess self.

During this joy filled, laughter inviting, curiosity brimming Girls Night In evening, you can expect to learn:

  • Rituals and practices that invite your feminine energy to lead your life
  • Self love habits that nurture the goddess
  • Discernment and navigating the yin and yang of feminine and masculine energy — alignment is beautiful
  • Grounding practices when you get triggered, exhausted, or out of your flow
  • Potent principles for manifesting what you desire

Are you ready to invite and activate your feminine, goddess self?

Join me live or catch the recording for this luscious, lovely evening!

Goddess Gathering Masterclass
Thursday, February 16th, 2023
7 pm — 9 pm MST via Zoom
Location: the comfort of your own home

Let’s nourish you and your feminine energy to feel more connected to goodness of life and the manifesting of your deepest desires.

The Goddess Gathering is only $48.00.

Includes your recording and full experience!

And babe, you’re so worth investing in — your future, happier, manifesting self will thank you for it.

The details to join the meeting, joy filled preparation assignments,
and custom worksheets will be sent to your inbox upon registration.

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Let’s make some nourishing, self loving, feminine activating magic happen together!

I hope to see you there!


Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Peterson is a seasoned speaker and international coach helping individuals and teams create the lives and results they desire. Tiffany is most well known for helping others to master the self esteem and sales confidence to create a sustainable income to fulfill their business dreams.

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