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When we hired Tiffany Peterson as our personal business coach, she helped us rocket our results and income in our direct sales business! She helped us advance to the top rank in our company, which resulted in changing more lives, including our own. Our income significantly increased and our sales became easier with her expert sales strategies. If you’re serious about lasting change and increased income, Tiffany Peterson can help support you there.
Natalie & Andy Goddard

Double Diamonds, dōTERRA

I remember seeing a YouTube video of Tiffany’s long before I met her. I was immediately drawn to her calmness, her wisdom, her reassuring demeanor. Enlisting Tiffany’s help was one of my very best life decisions. After only a few sessions with her, I found myself being kinder to myself, more confident than ever and showing up better than I imagined in both my personal life and business life. Her guiding principles run through my head every day. I owe her a great deal for the insightful influence she’s had on me and on my business.
Shauna Smith

CMO, Four Foods Group

Tiffany has elevated my entire life! Before I said yes to mentoring with her, I was stuck in a place of fear. I didn’t know there was a way to grow my business that didn’t require total burn out and I was afraid to say YES to anything more. However, I knew Tiffany was someone I could trust and indeed she taught me how to create from a space of self trust and self care. My recent rank advancement to doTERRA Blue Diamond came with ease and joy. While mentoring with Tiffany, my income more than doubled, but more valuable to me is the self care, self trust, and confidence I now have in my ability to create a life and business I love!
Nisha Riggs

Blue Diamond, dōTERRA

Coaching with Tiffany Peterson is the best personal & professional decision I’ve made to date! My return on investment has been beyond AWESOME! I achieved a dramatic increase in my sales, which continue to trend upward every month alongside my growth as a leader and business owner. Tiffany has the ability to turn the light on inside of us and face any mountain we wish to climb!
Arin Fugate

Founder, Visionary Leadership Summit

In the time that I’ve I’ve worked with Tiffany Peterson, my life has expanded to the degree I could not have imagined. With her support, I have found the courage to step into my authentic self unapologetically. My income has quadrupled in that time, allowing me to contribute on a larger scale to my team, clients, and causes I’m passionate about. Through my work with Tiffany I know on a deep level that I am worthy and deserving of an abundant life. I will be forever grateful.
Julie Margo

Founder, Full Spectrum Self &

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I help others develop the self confidence and sales skills to create a sustainable income living life on their terms!

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