Podcast: EP 96 Alignment or Hustle? Let’s Talk

Podcast: EP 96 Alignment or Hustle? Let’s Talk

I have an important message for you.


If you’re like me, you’ve seen a lot of coaching going around in the last year that preaches the power of alignment to manifest whatever you want. And I love that message. I believe in the power of alignment, meditation, and manifesting. But there’s somthing going on with this message that is getting twisted. And that’s when it leaves out the part about hustle.

In this episode, I gives some truth talk about the importance of effort, work, or hustle (whatever you want to call it) in making your dreams come true. It’s based on a natural law and nothing happens outside of natural law. So let’s change the conversation and speak the truth: our dreams come from alignment and hustle working together.

“You have to have effort. It’s natural law.”

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show notes

  • What’s behind the alignment message that many successful business owners are teaching right now (3:00)
  • Why effort is an essential ingredient to success (7:00)
  • Hustle doesn’t mean burnout but it does mean picking up the phone (10:30)
  • What to do if you’ve been waiting on perfection to take action (14:03)


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