Podcast: EP 121 Plant Your Seeds with Tara Starling

Podcast: EP 121 Plant Your Seeds with Tara Starling

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I am talking with one of my dearest and oldest friends on the podcast today. She has so much wisdom to share, but this conversation is about dreams, desires, manifestation, planting seeds and harvesting them, and believing it’s all possible.

Tara Starling’s life is equal parts dirt and glitter. As a bestselling author, celebrity makeup artist, TEDx speaker, flower farmer, world humanitarian, avowed chocolate snob, goat trainer, and tiara collector, she draws upon a large and varied tapestry of life experiences in her writing.

She and her husband Michael split time between their home in Salt Lake City and their hobby farm, StarFord Shire, in the Ozarks of Missouri. Tara’s greatest joy comes from sharing with others the inside story aboutTrue Beauty, and the principles and practices that anyone can use to create a beautiful life.

In this episode, Tara shares the stories of becoming a flower farmer, an author, a coach, and keeping her makeup artist career alive all while pursuing her big dreams. She will inspire you to yes to your dreams.

“There is a spiritual power to dreams. They have a will.”

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show notes

  • (7:00) How Tara went from being to makeup artist to being a flower farmer
  • (11:30) Why the seasons of our lives reflect nature and the laws of creation
  • (17:45) The 3 basic steps to the law of creation
  • (24:00) Why it’s okay to dream big
  • (35:20) The magic coins of gratitude and love
  • (45:00 What happens when we take one step towards our dreams

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