I’m sharing a metaphor that I think you’ll like.


I see so many similarities between sales and dating. They both require trust, time, and connection for them to be successful. Teaching people how to successfully sell their work is one of my favorite ways to coach, and it is so similar to successful dating. I wanted to share some of my best tips in this episode that you can apply to either area of your life — or both!

In this episode, I lay out the key pieces of successful sales and dating, the big turnoffs to avoid, and how to set up your sales funnel (or dating approach) for success. I hope you enjoy this mini coaching session and if you’re interested in working more with me on this, I share some options for you at the end. 

“One of the ways you gain trust . . . is by asking questions and learning to listen.”

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show notes

  • How to focus on relationship progression in both sales and dating (3:20)
  • The basic parts of a successful sales funnel (7:05)
  • The big turn offs in dating and sales (9:00)
  • The importance of having multiple ways to experience you before making a big commitment (27:00)


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