Here’s a story that will move you to new heights.


I got emotional when I talked to today’s guest on the podcast — even though I already knew her story. She is an incredible woman and friend and I have loved learning from her in the past year about style, confidence, and choice.

Sarah Foley is a transformation coach and keynote speaker who goes by Vertical Blonde. After experiencing life literally flipping her upside down from a debilitating ATV accident in 2012, Sarah learned how to experience the richness and beauty of life. She has been featured on major stages and platforms all over the US, including being featured multiple times on the Tony Robbins podcast and being featured in “Your Second Act” by Patricia Heaton. Sarah’s helped thousands of people of all abilities gain confidence, redefine what’s possible and become the icons they are.

Today Sarah is passionate about guiding and witnessing the shift in others as they embrace their Vertical self.  She loves helping others feel beautiful from the inside out as she shares the tools and perspectives that help them understand that they are capable of experiencing their beautiful, rich and successful lives right now.

In this episode, Sarah shares the incredible story of her life, her choices, her mission, and what is possible when you decide to become an icon, no matter what life gives you.

““We have a way of tapping into who we are based on where we’re going, not who we’ve been practicing being.”

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show notes

  • The key to asking “why” when a big challenge comes (6:45)
  • What happened when Sarah realized she needed to forgive in order to move forward (11:15)
  • Why pain loves to be coddled (20:50)
  • How to envision the person you want to become (27:10)
  • Letting a big change create a new identity rather than getting back to an old one (35:25)


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