The power of a good story is life changing.


I got connected to today’s guest through a good friend who recommended him so highly, I knew I had to invite him on the podcast. Jude is an incredible storyteller through documentary films and has so much wisdom about entrepreneurship, branding, and telling the story of your work.

Jude Charles is an author, filmmaker, and consultant. He helps entrepreneurs make money by using the power of storytelling. For over 15 years, he’s helped entrepreneurs bring their stories to life through documentary films. He digs deep to find the compelling story that no one else knows and then leverage storytelling to strategically scale their business. He’s been blessed to produce stories for Google, Coldwell Banker, and Steve Harvey (just to name a few). Plus he’s been featured as a speaker on conference stages and on 100+ different podcasts.

In this episode, Jude shares the real talk of becoming and staying an entrepreneur, how to tell powerful stories, and where to find the courage to tell your own.

“Relentless courage looks like the idea of just never giving up.”

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show notes

  • Where to find the courage to be an entrepreneur (5:15)
  • The elements that create great storytelling (9:58)
  • When it’s time to come of the shadows and stop hiding as a creative (19:20)
  • Why doing it scared and doing it imperfectly is important (30:30)


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