If you’ve hit a rock bottom, it’s not the end.


I am lucky to be friends and mastermind peers with today’s guest. She is such a light and has such a beautiful energy that I love spending time with her whenever I can. Her story is full of deep lows and amazing highs, but I’m most excited for you to be inspired by what she has proven is possible for herself and for you.

Moira Kucaba is an elite fitness and business coach, bestselling author, speaker, mama, belief builder, and addiction overcomer, here to make your success inevitable. For the last 25 years, Moira has obsessively studied ancient teachings, current day thought leaders, and everything in between. Her signature VPM method combines manifestation techniques rooted in neuroscience with actionable goals. She takes the woo out of manifesting and combines ancient tools with neuroscience backed strategies. 

As a struggling addict turned 7 figure CEO, she is here to show you how to turn your failures into success. Through the power of vision, manifestation, and a solid dose of accountability, she accomplished more in 365 days than she had in her entire life & she became the #1 coach in a billion dollar company. Today, she teaches people how to 10X their lives and transform their minds through her courses, speaking engagements, and coaching business.

In this episode, Moira shares the truth of what it looked like for her to go deep into addiction, choose to get sober, and turn her darkest valleys into her highest mountain tops.

“My darkest days built the strongest gifts within me.”

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show notes

  • The kind of pressure that drove Moira to become addicted to alcohol as a teenager (5:00)
  • The path to entrepreneurship from sobriety to top salesperson (14:10)
  • How to listen to your intuition even when your ego is trying to keep you safe (20:45)
  • What happens when you envision your life without limits (28:50)
  • What future-proofing is and how to practice it daily (37:03)


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