It’s time for a mid-year check in and summer break.


If you’ve followed the show for a while, you know I love to take a season break during the summer. It’s when I fill my days with spaciousness, joy, fun, play, and freedom. It’s so good for me and for my business. I’m inviting you to do a mid-year check in during the break on the podcast and in this episode, I share some of my favorite ways to guide myself through a check-in. We’ll be back with a new season of the show in the fall and I can’t wait to talk to you then.

“What has life been teaching me?”

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show notes

  • Questions to ask as you do a check in with yourself (2:15)
  • A new way to think about the value of freedom (8:20)
  • How spaciousness is abundance (15:05)
  • Create a summer joy list (18:55)


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