Your self-identity is more powerful than you may think.


I’m so happy to share my good friend Justin with you on the show today. He and I co-wrote a magazine column years ago and I am so proud of what he is up to today and the new book he has written. He is an amazing example of what happens when you be who you know you can be and attract the success you are capable of.

Justin Prince is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Yet, he was raised in a broken home, had no college education, and used to work construction and flip pizzas. His first business left him below-zero financially. His first sliver of success came while raising his kids in a 1-room loft above his in-laws’ garage. Does that sound like the track-record of someone who has built 4 multimillion-dollar businesses, generated 2 billion+ in revenue, & presented in more than 20 countries while sharing stages with the world’s most inspirational people like John C. Maxwell, Jamie Kern Lima & Ed Mylett? His story has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to Be The One.

In this episode, Justin shares his personal story of learning to be the one, how he built a successful life by sharing this principle with others, and what is possible when you make the same choice.

“Success is an identity process and you’ll never outperform the way you see yourself.”

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show notes

  • Why your self-identity will be the foundation of your success (4:00)
  • You are not who you are, you are who you were born to be (11:00)
  • How Justin regularly connects back to his own principles of success (15:00)
  • Why your words matter when it comes to your success (25:00)
  • How to know when to quit and when to keep going (31:20)

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