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One of the reasons I’ve been feeling called to start a podcast is so that I can share some of my favorite success strategies with more people in an easy-to-access format. Today’s solo episode is on a topic that I love teaching about.

If you’re in sales, network marketing, or you run your own business, you know that there are plenty of things out of your control when it comes to your success.

But there is one thing that IS in your control, and this episode is all about how you can make magic by focusing on what you can control.

You are the architect of your life.

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show notes

  • What we can actually control (2:37)

  • A key coaching question to ask yourself (3:05)

  • One of the most powerful thought processes to take yourself through (5:50)

  • How energy influences everything in your life (9:45)

  • The difference between being in the circle of influence and the circle of concern (15:25)

  • One of the most important success principles (19:15)

  • How to live proactively instead of reactively (27:25)

“Dollars follow value.” – Tony Robbins

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