I’m sharing one of my favorite success tips.


I learned this in one of my earliest sales jobs and it’s served me well through the years. I’m sharing some of the best habits I know to build your self-esteem, because your self-esteem is a direct reflection of your ability to perform. If you’ve been thinking about how to build your self-confidence (in your work, relationships, health, or anything), I hope these ideas will serve you.

“Confidence is a choice and it’s a habit.”

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Show notes:

  • The difference between feeling good enough and having high self esteem (4:01)
  • The relationship between money and self-esteem (8:50)
  • Why self-confidence doesn’t remove risk (11:50)
  • How to know how your self-confidence is doing (13:59)
  • Habits to build self-esteem (24:37)

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