It’s the 10 year anniversary of my gratitude series.


Ten years ago, I started hosting a free interview series every November about gratitude and generosity. I call those two the super g’s because I think they have the power to bring what we want into our lives. This year I’m so excited to be hosting the series for the tenth time that I’m actually doing 10 interviews throughout the month. 

In this episode, I share the story of why I started the Gratitude Series, when I almost quit doing it, and how to practice daily gratitude to bring in all the power it holds. I hope you join me for this year’s gratitude series. It will be an amazing experience, as always.

“To live in gratitude is to live in power.” – Richard Paul Evans

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Show notes:

  • The story behind why I started the Gratitude Series ten years ago and when I almost quit doing it (6:20)
  • How gratitude and generosity are super activators (14:25)
  • Ideas for practicing daily gratitude (16:45)


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