I love training on sales and marketing.


It’s a big part of what I coach on, but that’s not why I love it. It’s because at the core of successful marketing and sales is caring about people. Paying attention to them. Listening to them. Understanding what they need and how you can provide that.

In this episode, I share some of my very best sales tips in relation to nourishing your network and caring about people. I give you some of my favorite examples and inspirations and I hope that after listening you are excited to nourish your relationships, fully confident that you are bringing great value to everyone you connect with.

“The most long-lasting, impactful kind of marketing is a four letter word: care.”

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Show notes:

  • The power of having well-nourished relationships (2:20)
  • The most powerful and long-lasting kind of marketing (4:25)
  • The core needs every human has (9:38)
  • What one connection can create for you (13:03)
  • The art of asking great questions (22:15)


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