Let’s talk about the start of your day.


I hope you’ve loved your summer season as much as I have and that you feel nourished, refreshed, and ready for a rich harvest season. I am excited to start a new season of the podcast and I felt prompted to revisit one of the key tools we’ve talked about before on the show – a morning ritual. This is a huge part of my own daily success strategy and I want to share with you how to build a nourishing one for yourself. 

In this episode, I share what my own morning ritual looks like, with lots of suggestions of how to modify it for your own needs and desires. I include categories, bonus tips, and plenty of recommendations to try out. Let me know if this inspires you to upgrade your own mornings!

“Your rituals equal your results.”

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Show notes:

  • How to begin the practice of a morning ritual (4:50)
  • The Sacred 10 (7:30)
  • A way to prepare for consuming social media in the morning (12:50)
  • 3 categories to build a morning ritual around (17:25)
  • 2 bonus tips for creating a great morning ritual (25:50)



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