I recently met this firecracker of a woman and loved her message.


When I met Rachel a few weeks ago when we were speaking at the same event, I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast so you could feel her light and learn from her wisdom.

Rachel Luna is a Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach, international speaker, and host of the top rated podcast, Permission to Offend where she talks faith, worth and wealth. Forbes rated her one of the Top 11 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram (@GirlConfident) and her work, which goes beyond cliches, rah-rah speeches and platitudes and dives deep into the root of the issue, has been featured in Success, Latina, Huffington Post and on Lifetime TV. 

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel, who calls herself, “A magnet for miracles,” comes from a life of resilience. Despite losing both her parents to AIDS, struggling with eating disorders in her teens and battling alcoholism and depression in her early 20’s, Rachel has never allowed herself to be limited by life circumstances. Instead, she persevered and when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the summer of 2019, Rachel tackled it the same way she does everything – with grit, tenacity, faith & confidence.

These experiences, along with her decade of service in the United States Marine Corps and tour of duty in Iraq during Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom have given her the strength and ability to not only handle adversity, but to thrive in it. Her courses have helped over 3,000 women (and a few fellas) gain clarity, confidence and massive business growth, many of whom have crossed into six and seven figures with ease. Rachel has helped thousands of people around the world (over 90 countries to be exact) through her weekly podcast episodes, email newsletters, speaking tours, and workshops. 

In this episode, Rachel shares the why and how behind speaking your truth and being kind at the same time. She teaches the important principles around owning your voice and strengthening your relationships through it.

“Seek to understand instead of fighting to be understood.”

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show notes

  • What it means to express your beliefs without making someone wrong (2:50)
  • The difference between your identity versus your roles and responsibilities (5:50)
  • Why sharing your shameful stories can create connection (15:40)
  • When to expect rejection and what to do with it (21:05)
  • A tool for getting over the fear of messing up (29:45)


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