A favorite Zen proverb of mine says, “There are many ways to cross the river. You just have to have both feet in one boat.”

I find this enlightening on many levels and multiple areas of application.

In essence, I read this to say COMMITMENT…commitment to my spiritual path, commitment to my marriage, commitment to my business and it’s success. Commitment to playing life full out.

How often am I/you one foot in and one foot out? Maybe not necessarily physically yet mentally or emotionally?

Do you find yourself entertaining the back door? The real Mr. or Mrs. Right around the corner versus one you’re with? The next multi level marketing company or job opportunity versus the one you’re in?

Look, I’m all about making positive change in my life and encouraging others to do the same. That isn’t the intention today. The intention today is that as long as we are one foot in the boat and one foot out, we will never know the fruit or beauty of that experience or that path. Does that make sense?

We rob ourselves of the very thing we want to create by being on the fence. Sort of in, but not completely. It’s very easy to be afflicted by bright-shiny-itis! I know because it’s been a lesson for me too.

When coaching others with their goals, very often the question of should I stay or should I go as it relates mainly to either a personal relationship or a job/career/business comes up. One foot in and one foot out. Stick it out or make a run for it.

My advice. Get ALL THE WAY IN for 90 Days. Define for yourself what ALL THE WAY IN means to you. In your thoughts. Your language. Your Actions.

If 90 days feels like too much, commit to 30 or 60 days, but the important thing here is to DECIDE and to COMMIT both feet in the boat.

Rather than jump ship again, commit where you are and allow yourself to truly be there for a period of time. The commitment will create movement, clarity, and insights as to your direction. Through this Commitment you will find one of two things:

1 – The Boat You’re Already In Is Right For You ~ and now that you’re committed you’ll results.

2 – You’ll Realize This Isn’t Right For You ~ and now you know that you know that you’ve given you’re very best (which you can only control you anyways) and with that knowledge you will have PEACE to change boats rather than deal with the second guessing plague that comes to those who know they haven’t given something their all.

We all want the RESULTS of a thriving business, successful MLM downline, or a connected, loving relationship. Results follow Decision, Commitment, and Follow Through…

So get in that boat ~ ALL THE WAY IN ~ and I’ll see you on the other side of the bank.

To Your Success,