In one of my keynotes and in my personal coaching, I find it interesting the degree of enlightenment that takes place in simply reminding others of the power of ASKING for what you want….although it seems simple, it can be a key piece in getting what you want in your life, your business, and your relationships. And ironically, it is often left out of the success formula. Statistics report that over 60% of the time, a salesperson doesn’t ASK for the sale! Can you believe that? All that time spent presenting and courting and the like with the prospect, and yet, leaving out the key ingredient – ASKING for the sale or the business! That’s like hosting Thanksgiving dinner and forgetting the turkey.

Let’s explore this…

In Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles”, (see he titles one of his principles, “ASK, ASK, ASK”…quoting Percy Ross, “You’ve got to ask. Asking is, in my opinion, the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness.” I endorse this statement 108%! Yes that much! I agree that it is the most powerful and NEGLECTED secret to your success!

So why don’t we ask? If it’s that easy, what holds us back?

The same answer to every roadblock of our success: FEAR!!

Fear that we will get a no to the request, although ironcially we get a no anyways by not asking. The fear that we might look dumb or needy or desparate or so “not cool” if we approach our partner, a friend, our boss, a prospect, a potential date with a request. Yet if we don’t ask, we have no way to get the thing we want…

So take good courage today my friends, and begin asking for what you want. Ask for that sale. Ask for that date. Ask for that meeting or opportunity. Go for it! If they tell you “no”, you will live. Just keep on ASKING – at some point, you will get a YES!

The famous Colonal Sanders of KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken was in his 60’s when someone finally said YES to his chicken recipe and began the great franchise of KFC. Do you know how many times he was told no to his request, to his idea, to his DREAM? Over 1,000 times!! Now that’s persistence!

One of my coaching clients recently shared with me a valuable mindset and idea – he said that when he was a financial planner he would ask anyone and everyone for their business. When he got a no/I’m not interested/I’m covered, thanks, he simply then asked for the referral, “Do you know anyone who would be interested in financial planning services?” And you know what? Often they passed along a referral! All because he ASKED for it!

Make peace in your mind that when you’re told no, it doesn’t need to be taken personally, you’re not worse off – you’re actually the same, and someone, somewhere will say YES….so keep on asking and watch amazing results transpire in your life, your sales, your bank account, your happiness. By all means, you’re worth it so ASK FOR IT!

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CREATE a great day!

Tiffany –