Many years ago, I had the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson from Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series ( At the time I was serving as the sales manager for his account with a coaching firm that I was working for. Due to my role and involvement in representing his brand, myself and my sales team were in a meeting with Robert and he relayed a powerful story and beyond a story, the teaching of a powerful truth, principle, and a life changing and life centering question. Robert relayed a recent experience he had in sharing a stage at a convention with an Arch Bishop – the Arch Bishop was teaching how when pursuing life, pursuing goals, that the PROCESS is more importantly than the goal for it’s who we become in the process that matters. And then quoting him, Robert said, “God will give you glimpses of your greater glory so you can endure the pain of the process along the way.” The room went quiet. Hearts were touched. You could feel the Spirit/Source/Higher Power in the room, in a corporate boardroom mind you. And after that peaceful pause, Robert then said, “So the million dollar question is – literally, THEE million dollar question is, Can I Be Faithful To The Process?” The power of this question cut to the core. It was written on piece of paper that stayed on my refrigerator, staring me in the face for nearly a year after this fateful meeting!

See, I’ve heard some of this before, as likely you have as well. I’ve heard and been taught that the process is more important than the goal…that it’s who you become that really matters….and I’ve also heard something to the effect that as we are faithful to this process, we will see results. In other words, The Harvest Cannot Be Prevented.

Now, here’s why this particular day was so powerful for me. Two things really and they are; 1) God will give you glimpses of your greater glory so you can endure the pain of the process. I can see how this is true, yet I haven’t thought of it in this way before or heard it phrased like this. Isn’t it true? As you are pursuing your goals, can’t you see (usually looking back) how there were moments where you had insights, epiphanies, answers, people, resources or the like show up to support you on your path? To give relief. To provide direction. A God Spark or connection to God, spirit, source. I too can see them as I ponder on progress in pursuing life’s goals.

2) The question of all questions – Can I be faithful to the process? See, how many of us say, proclaim, vision board, mastermind, or the like of something we want ? All the time. We at least think about the things we want in our lives – great marriages, healthy children, great friendships, fulfilling careers or businesses, more money, less stress and so on. You fill in the blank here _____ of what you want more of, less of, differently in your own life. Yet most of these things, if not all of them, are a process. They take time. Some of them are ongoing as long as you’re going. Like having a great marriage. It’s a process and it’s ongoing. Can you be faithful to the process of building and maintaining a great marriage? Or what about health? Being toned and in shape? That too is an ongoing process. Can you be faithful to the process of being healthy and in shape? Or what about making more money? It’s easy to say and to dream about, yet that too is a process….I heard once best said, “Success or Failure is Never Final.” So whether you’re currently struggling or currently partying, neither is final and life is an ongoing process…I love this question and I share it with you today to remind you that even when you’re on purpose, visualizing those goals, investing in your relationships/body/bank account, that life is a beautiful journey equipped with peaks and valleys for all alive. This is normal. This is part of the experience. And whatever it is you want in your life, it is far less about if it is doable, is it realistic, am I good enough, smart enough, tall enough to achieve it and it is everything about being faithFULL, full of faith, to the process. So in the words of the multi millionaire, Robert Kiyosaki, “The million dollar question for all of us is, Can I be faithful to the process?”