Years ago one of my personal coaches invited me to make a “happy list.” This list would entail the various activities that would increase my own personal happiness. It was a brilliant idea and one that I implemented at the time. Some time after this coaching session, another mentor shared making a list titled, “25 things I love to do that don’t cost money.” I loved this one too. Things like baking cookies, bubblebaths, organizing, making cards, reading, doing a mani/pedi at home, all showed up on the list and it is still in my dayplanner for a quick reference.

Lately in coaching my own clients, I have been assigning them to create a JOY list for themselves and then depending on where their current happiness, self esteem, and success is at, I’ll assign them to do anywhere from 3 things a week to one every day off that list. The results are powerful.

See, here is a truth I’ve learned and relearn all the time: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.



The more that you feel joyful and hopeful and optimistic and fulfilled in life, the more you’re willing to go for in life, you stay in the positive game, you attract other people, resources, and opportunities to you all because your energy level is so delicious to other people. If you want to be more successful, focus on getting more JOY into your life on a daily and weekly basis. Isn’t that the point of living anyways?!

My other fanfare with the JOY list is that it puts your own happiness and fulfillment where it should be: in your hands. We can often get tripped up waiting for someone or something to come along and bring us joy or happiness versus creating it for ourselves. The more we are joyful ourselves the more others want to play with us anyways. Now, that’s worth thinking about.

enJOY your day!


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit