I did something special to celebrate 100 episodes on the podcast.


A few weeks ago, I hosted an evening event called Coaching and Charcuterie — and that’s just what it was. I gathered with about 20 podcast listeners at my producer’s studio and we recorded a live Q&A style podcast episode where I coached guests in the hot seat about whatever they had questions on. It was so fun and I am already looking forward to the next time.

In this episode, you’ll hear me coach guests on juggling parenting and career goals, relationship advice, finding the right people to be in your corner, and pursuing your purpose. We talked for almost 2 hours, so I broke this special recording into two episodes – be sure to catch the second part in EP 105! And if you want to know about the next time I host this event, be sure to get on my email list and follow me on social media.

“Your purpose is found in service, no matter the environment.”

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show notes

  • How to keep connected to your purpose and vision while life is life-ing you (2:22)
  • The key behind learning to people to help you build your dream (14:30)
  • Why we equate fitting in with belonging (27:23)
  • Ways to help a man feel safe being vulnerable in relationships (32:57)
  • How to get speaking gigs and spread your message to your target audience (36:47)
  • Making the quantum leap from a corporate job to your dream job (44:57)


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