It’s a new season and i’m excited to be back on the podcast.


Fall season is here, the podcast is back, and I’m sharing my favorite ways to align your mindset with your goals. We talk a lot about mindset on this show and it’s for a reason. I believe your mindset is the architect of your life. It’s the most powerful way to change your reality, your results, and your perspective on your life. I’m sharing some of my best tips for using the power of your mindset to create the life and business you desire. I can’t wait for you to hear them!

“Your mindset is literally running your whole show.”

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show notes

  • My favorite ritual to do at the start of a new season (3:30)
  • How your mindset is the architect of your life (9:25)
  • What scripting is and how it works with aligning your mindset to your goals (14:15)
  • How your feelings and your thoughts are connected (25:10)


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