It’s time to fall in love with sales.


It’s March, which means spring is here and it’s time to grow our businesses. Now even if you’re not running a business or in charge of sales for your job, this week’s episode is for you. Because sales is all about relationships. And we are all in the business of relationships.

I’m doing a sales summit this month to share some of my best coaching around sales and I wanted to share two great nuggets from it for free here on the podcast.

Sales has become something I love, and it always starts with nourishing relationships. Get ready to learn how investing in your relationships and becoming a sincere listener is going to change your whole outlook on sales.

“If you want to influence anyone, you must understand them.”

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“Ask more and talk less.”

show notes

  • How to shift your mindset around sales if you are resistant to it (5:42)
  • The power of nourishing your network (7:25)
  • The most influential marketing strategy that you can implement in your business (8:20)
  • How to proactively nourish your relationships (11:07)
  • The key to influencing someone (25:55)
  • Why asking questions is so important during sales (32:10)

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