What is your vision for your future?


One of my favorite ways to manifest what I want is to envision it. I know from personal experience that this is so powerful. So I was very excited to record a conversation with my dear friend Natalie about the most effective ways to do this.

Natalie Ledwell, author of the bestselling book, Never in Your Wildest Dreams, host of The Inspiration Show and Co-founder of Mind Movies, never imagined where she’d end up.

Raised in rural Australia in a family of 8, she knew that she was destined for something bigger, that she wanted more from her life and to help others find the same, but had no idea how to reach her goals.

Fast forward to today and Natalie and her incredible team at Mind Movies have empowered over 5.8 million people around the world to see beyond their own circumstances, to break down the boundaries real or perceived in their lives… and truly begin to find the lives and success they deserve.

In this conversation, Natalie and I discuss how to shift into this mindset, why everything is going to work out, and the power of creating mind movies in your manifestation process.

“I have this expectation that everything will always work out fine, and if it doesn’t show up exactly the way I think it’s going to, I know that what does show up is always in my highest good.

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show notes

  • Natalie’s story of launching her most successful business through the law of attraction (2:30)
  • What happened to convince Natalie that the law of attraction is real (11:42)
  • How to cultivate a belief that things are always working in your highest good (15:26)
  • Why surrender is so powerful in manifestation (18:35)
  • Why focusing on your being versus your doing is so important (21:40)
  • Ways to get centered and in the zone when visioning (34:40)

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