It’s the perfect time to clean up your life.


It’s not just that it’s spring time, it’s that we are all spending a lot of time at home. And a lot of time in our minds. And a lot of time on our devices. And all of those could use a clean up.

In this episode on the podcast, I share some of the very best questions and tools that I’ve learned to consistently cleanse my life, my space, my closet, my mind, and more. I’ve been doing spring cleaning myself and it’s felt amazing. I hope you join me! 

“Does it inspire you or expire you?”

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show notes

  • The question to ask yourself when deciding what to have in your space (3:20)
  • How to keep an organized, clean space on an ongoing basis (9:10)
  • Questions to ask yourself to know how you want your space to feel (12:10)
  • The power of resetting your room after using it (25:15)

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