Let’s go for it.


I’m talking straight to your heart today. It’s time to go for the next step. Take action. The time for waiting on that thing you’ve been wanting to do for so long is over. It’s time to go for it.

I’m celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the podcast and with that, I’m thinking about how grateful I am that I finally launched the show 1 year ago. Truth be told, I had put it off for 2 years, even though I knew I wanted to do it. And now these past 40 episodes are out in the world, because I stopped waiting. And it’s time for you to stop waiting too. Let’s go for it.

Am I willing to take imperfect action to achieve my goals?

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Show notes:

  • How to get yourself to do something you’ve been putting off (3:30)
  • Questions to ask yourself to get clear on your next action step (6:40)
  • The difference between doing and deciding (13:15)
  • How to know when your intuition is talking (15:05)
  • Why resistance shows up before you take big action (19:50)

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