This is one of my favorite daily practices.


I have a lot of daily habits that have served me and my business through the years. But one of my very favorite ones is gratitude. I feel so good when I am in a practice of gratitude – for small and big things, day in and day out.

I recorded a solo episode on the podcast to share some of the specifics of how I practice gratitude daily and why it’s so powerful. If you’re resonating with this topic, I invite you to join me in November for my annual Gratitude and Generosity Series. It’s one of my favorite things I do all year!

Think of service as an expression of gratitude.

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show notes

  • Why it’s so valuable to make gratitude a practice (1:50)

  • How to expand what you want more of (8:10)

  • The power of our thoughts to attract what we want (11:50)

  • How to view adversity as a gift (15:45)

  • Practices to cultivate gratitude daily (19:19)

Emotion puts us into motion.

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