One of my favorite people is on the show.


He has taught me so much about relationships, business, sales, and fun. Randy Garn has become a dear friend and mentor over the years. I am so excited to share his energy and wisdom about how to prosper the best kinds of relationships in this episode.

Randy Garn is a New York Times bestselling author, passionate Entrepreneur and Business Builder, High Performance Coach and Partner at High Performance Institute with Brendon Burchard, and co-founder of Prosper. Randy specializes in guiding leaders through personal and professional transformation. Randy loves his wife, Charlotte, their four beautiful daughters, and two rowdy boys.

Randy has an amazing reputation for being connected to everyone. He is a master at relationships and I know you’ll learn so much from hearing him teach on this in our conversation.

“Serve before you sell.”

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Show notes:

  • How we need to be thinking about our sales and businesses (3:42)
  • Practices that Randy uses to develop this mindset (7:43)
  • The power of creating experiences in your relationships (13:27)
  • The high performance habits that sustain Randy’s energy and mindset (19:36)
  • What has changed since Randy first wrote his book on prosperity (26:53)

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