“Is self-care selfish?”


This is a question that has been coming up in conversations and sessions I’ve been a part of lately. I love self-care and I think it’s essential to understand what it is if we are going to harness its power. 

In this episode, I present the idea that self-care is spiritual. It takes many different forms depending on our personal values and beliefs, but it’s so important that we get clear on what self-care feeds us spiritually. That’s how we receive the most from it and let it nourish us to give back at the highest level.

“When you feel better, do you show up better?”

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Show notes:

  • What it means to be a good human (3:33)
  • How to navigate your personal beliefs around self-care (5:15)
  • What happens when we invest in our vessel (9:30)
  • How to get more energy capital (12:15)
  • Why not taking care of ourselves creates selfishness (14:01)
  • How self-care leads to abundance (16:45)
  • How to think of being a steward to yourself (18:50)


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