“What if joy could help you create more success in your life?”


Here are the facts about joy: happier people are more successful. Happier people are more magnetic. You’re a better you when you’re happier. This isn’t a fluffy idea just to pump you up. It’s the truth. It’s one of the first things I coach on with my clients because it’s a timeless success strategy.

In this episode, I share the ways I’ve learned to bring more joy into my life to increase my business, my success, and my overall wellbeing. I hope you make this a priority in your life because it will make a huge difference. And you are worth it.

“You’re a better you when you’re happier.”

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Show notes:

  • The facts behind the value of increasing joy in your life (1:20)
  • The keys to making and using a powerful joy list (5:50)
  • How to have more joy year round (17:00)


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