Have you been scared of a big change?


Real talk friends: I’m about to get married and it’s brought up all the nerves about change and entering a new chapter. I know you can relate whether or not you’ve been married. But I wanted to lean into the fear I’ve been experiencing and share with you how I navigate it. It’s such a normal part of growth and evolution, and the more we understand it, the easier we can move through it.

In this episode, I share stories from my own life of how I’ve faced big fears during big change and how I moved through it. I give you the tools and recommendations that help me and that I know can help you if you are facing big change right now.

“When we’re in the business of change, it’s totally normal to have fear and discomfort show up.”

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Show notes:

  • The million dollar question I ask when I’m scared of change (4:56)
  • What one of my mentors taught me about making big decisions (9:00)
  • Why I chose to get married again after being happily single (12:10)
  • The question to ask your fear (15:20)
  • What is usually underneath all fear (19:45)
  • Why we trade potential for familiarity (23:20)
  • What to do when the fear shows up (27:05)



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