I’m sharing one of my favorite habits.


For all the success principles I love to teach, there is one that is incredibly important to me. It’s a morning ritual practice that I’ve been using for years. I’m not perfect at mine, but I’m committed to it, and it has made all the difference in my well-being and success over time.

I recorded a solo episode on this topic to share the essential components of a powerful morning ritual so that you can make your own (or re-visit your current one). I’m a big believer that you are your own best life coach, so take this information in and create what works for you.

Let choice, not chance, be what’s governing the life you are consciously creating.

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show notes

  • The minimum amount of time you should give yourself in the morning (4:24)
  • What it means to invest in the vessel (4:45)
  • The 3 components of a morning ritual (6:45)
  • Why affirmations are powerful ways to start your day (11:01)
  • How visualization prepares you for your best day (12:10)
  • The power of physically moving at the start of your day (14:22)
  • What my morning ritual looks like (16:25)
  • How to remove distractions from your morning (18:50)
  • Why consistency matters over feelings (26:55)
Pay attention to how it makes you feel. Does it inspire you or expire you?

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