There’s another way to practice self-care.


I love my friend Kate Strong — ever since I first met her at a women’s event years ago, I’ve been drawn to her self-love, her power, and her understanding of what it means to really take care of yourself.

Here’s how Kate talks about her journey and her work: “Most of the problems you are experiencing arise from battles within. I’ve been through it: faith transition, heartbreak, divorce, depression, anxiety, and more. On my journey of self-love and healing, I have become a healer, shaman, life coach, certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and speaker. I am a guide who has walked the path to finding my true self, and from it has emerged a heart full of love, gratitude, perspective, and optimism. I want that for all. I am here to help.”

In this episode, Kate shares the key lessons that have transformed her life, her self-care, her work, and her love for herself. I know you’ll resonate with some or all of her story and be empowered to dive deeper into your own self-care as well.

“Asking myself led me to getting to know myself, which the end result of was loving myself.”

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show notes

  • How Kate fell in love with self-care (2:43)
  • The 5 pillars that Kate has learned to build her life on (7:05)
  • How to stop perfectionism from blocking your self-care (9:50)
  • The pivotal moment for Kate when everything changed (12:04)
  • The idea of turn on and why it’s the icing on the cake of self-care (18:15)
  • What it means to create an altar as part of your self-care (21:20)


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