“The Universe doesn’t pay you for what you know – it pays you for what you Do.” – Jack Canfield (www.jackcanfield.com)

When it comes to achieving your goals and getting more done, the important piece is to get into ACTION and to do so on a consistent basis. Many of my coaching clients or workshop participants want to achieve more in their lives and results, yet struggle to balance their time or find the time to work on such goals or projects. Can you relate?

I’m going to share with you one of my “secret sauce” success strategies that will help you get into action on a regular, consistent basis….it’s called,

The 15 Minute Rule.

Many people get themselves stuck thinking they don’t have enough time to work on their goals or projects they desire. Take exercise for example: Many people already know the value of exercise, yet the struggle is in the doing of the exercise. You may be stuck in this area or goal because you’re thinking that you need a full hour to go to the gym and so you often don’t do it because that is a big chunk of time for a busy person. Or it seems overwhelming because exercise may not be your habit and overwhelm always equals procrastination. Overwhelm = procrastination. Can  you relate? Let’s take a look at two other popular examples. Let’s say you know you need to organize that home office, that closet, or that disastrous garage. You’re thinking you need a full Saturday to really get this project going, yet there is never enough time. Or because it is so disorganized, you procrastinate it or avoid it because it feels like “yuck” so you find something else to busy your time. And finally, let’s say you have a goal to write a book or work on a new business plan. Yet you keep waiting for the perfect serene environment to get into that creative space to write or work on it. And again, it rarely comes.

So here’s the magic wand ~ get into action for only 15 minutes. That’s it. If you’re not exercising, commit to exercise three times this week for 15 minutes. Take a walk around your neighborhood or do a series of sit ups, push ups, or stretching for 15 minutes. How will you feel after you take the action? Like a million bucks. Or at least better than you do right now just thinking about it.

When it comes to organizing that garage, home office, or closet, set a timer for 15 minutes and begin it. You’ll be blown away at how much you get done in a concentrated 15 minutes. Most importantly, you’ll have the win AND momentum on your side; therefore, you’re into action and seeing and feeling results.

Instead of waiting for the perfect environment or space to write that book or complete that project, commit to working it for 15 minutes a day. Again, the consistency of establishing this new 15 minute rule habit will change your results. I promise. Success is a habit and when you’re establishing a new habit such as exercise, organizing, or working on a new goal, the key ingredient is to get into action on that consistent basis. It never matters how much time, it matters that you have the habit.

So change the way you look at time from one hour blocks to 15 minute increments. This is doable. This feels good. You’ll surprise yourself how easy it is and you’ll love the improved momentum and ease at which you’re achieving your most important priorities.

Want more? Last week I was featured on a popular television program in my local market. Take a peek at how I shared tips and ideas on this very thing. Enjoy!


To your success friends!!

Your Success Coach,