When we face and embrace change – whether positive or negative – it is normal to have feelings of discomfort, fear, and doubts show up as part of the change process. This is normal. It is healthy. Expect it. And yes, even when it is positive change that you’re wanting to create. It’s still change and because of that, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you are leaving your comfort zone.

Consider a famous story/lesson in the Old Testament in The Holy Bible. You don’t have to be Jewish or Christian to understand the universal lesson demonstrated there by a man named Moses and a people named the Israelites. The Israelites are in bondage for 40 years – FORTY YEARS – of struggle, suffering, and intense challenge by a hard hearted Pharaoh. Moses pleads with God for their freedom, knowing that a “promised land” awaits them as promised by God. After years and years of famines and the like, Pharaoh finally grants the Israelites their request and allows them to leave Egypt and pursue their freedom. Could you imagine how happy they felt? Relief right? Complete JOY? Their hearts desire that they’ve prayed for, slaved for, and wished time and time again for is now finally happening….and then what happens? They don’t get very far in their “journey” to their “promised land” before the fear and doubt kicks in and the Israelites begin complaining and entertaining this doubt by looking backwards towards their old home, Egypt. The very place that has kept them in bondage for FORTY YEARS, they are now wishing and expressing their desire to return to that same place. Is that crazy or what? I’ll tell you what it is: COMMON.

When you leave what is familiar to you (commonly called your comfort zone), it is normal to feel scared. To question. To have doubts and to even perhaps desire to return to that familiar place because it’s just that: familiar.

When you are pursuing your goals and dreams, your very best life, your promised land, you will encounter feelings and sometimes fears and doubts about your path and your journey. This is normal. It is not a “sign” that you need to abandon the path or give up. It simply means that you’re human too and that you’re changing and moving towards a better life for yourself.

You’re worth it. You deserve better. You will get through the uncomfortable spots and come out on top. I promise.


Tiffany Walke Peterson – www.thelighthouseprinciples.com