Podcast: EP 19 It’s Time to Tell a New Story

Podcast: EP 19 It’s Time to Tell a New Story

The power of your words is profound.


I’ve had this idea on my heart for a couple of weeks and knew it was time to record a podcast about it. I am a big believer that the words we speak create the reality we live in. And I’m not the only one.

In this episode, I share the best learnings I’ve taken in through the years in order to speak powerful truths into my life. These include affirmations, healing wounds, creating new stories about my past, and more.

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“As long as I tell the story, I have to keep living up to it.”

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show notes

  • How to heal wounds that you are holding onto (5:35)
  • How to create new stories about your past (7:18)
  • Why we manifest what we say out loud (10:01)
  • Affirmations to speak to yourself to boost your self-esteem (15:05)
  • A spiritual truth bomb that will change your mindset (20:01)

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