Do you have a morning ritual? I mean we all do to some degree, but I’m more interested in if you have a “consciously creating my morning/day ritual” in place?

The Beginning Is The End.

Let me explain – the way we BEGIN the day creates the entire tone of the day and therefore; to some degree is the END. Make sense? You’ve likely heard the famous thought or idea, “Begin With The End In Mind” by Stephen R. Covey of the popular book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. With this concept, it is supporting the principle that all things are created twice – once mentally or spiritually and second, physically. As we imagine and/or plan out the end results of our days, our odds of achieving those results increase significantly. When you are clear with what you want to achieve and experience, you then use this clarity as your LIGHTHOUSE to guide your actions and priorities throughout the day. Now, you can apply this to any goal or on a smaller scale, to any day.

I’ve been challenging all of my coaching clients to create a morning ritual. Conscious Creation. That they begin their day with what is often called, “Hour of Power” – which denotes 20 minutes to physical such as exercise, 20 minutes to spiritual such as reading, meditating, prayer, gratitude etc, and 20 minutes to mental/intellectual development such as reading, listening or reviewing goals or visualizing. I’m not telling my clients what has to be there – I’m just challenging them to create a conscious ritual of how they choose to start the day versus just rolling out of bed and going with whatever the mood of the moment or child in their space is demanding. This requires a little bit of planning and a little bit of follow through. (Okay, maybe a lot of follow through, but the point is to start this powerful new habit). It doesn’t even have to be an hour. It could be taking the first 10 minutes upon waking to journal gratitude thoughts for 2 minutes, reviewing goals for 5 minutes, and connecting to Source through prayer or meditation for 3 minutes. The point is – the Beginning is the End – so I challenge YOU – yes, you, the one reading this blog, to decide/get clear on what you choose your morning ritual to be and therefore, you’re choosing to a large degree what your entire day will be. And as we choose our days, we also choose the weeks, months, years, and the LIVES we want to be consciously creating and experiencing.

What is your morning ritual? What will it be beginning tomorrow?

If you have ideas that are working for you, please share it here in the comments ~ thank you!!