My Goals Inventory

My Goals Inventory

ach year around this time, I take a personal inventory of my annual goals. I find it’s a great time to acknowledge what’s working well and then explore what I’d like to change or work towards for the rest of the year.

I’d like to share a few coaching questions that can help you do the same thing.

First of all, think back over the last six months and identify what are your wins and victories?

  • Personally? Did you improve a skill, get organized, or commit to a morning ritual?
  • Professionally? Have you created a new product, updated your website, or taken a class to improve your sales skills?
  • Financially? Have you increased your income? Improved your close rate? Paid off debt or saved more income?
  • Health & Fitness? Have you done more green juicing or taken up running? Are you getting more rest at night or tried a new meditation practice?
  • Relationships? Have you invested more in your network or your spouse? Have you completed a relationship that was draining you? Perhaps you’ve worked on your listening skills or committed to date night?
  • Fun? Have you had some fun? Tried a new hobby or made new friends?

It’s so very easy in the conversation to immediately think of all things we either haven’t achieved yet or where we are missing the mark. I always encourage our minds to first focus on our many wins and victories before launching into setting new goals.

Remember, it’s always about PROGRESS, not perfection anyways.

I find that by beginning a goal inventory with the positive, I’ve deposited powerful fuel to inspire me to create more of what I want!

Now that we’ve acknowledge the positive, consider what you would like to achieve for the rest of 2013.

What would you like to experience more of in your life?

  • Business?
  • Finances?
  • Relationships?
  • Health?
  • Fun?

What one major professional goal achieved would launch you to the next level?

What one, simple, yet repetitive action will be your health focus? (juicing, rest, meditation, exercise)

What emotion do you want to feel on a more regular basis? (peace, aliveness, innovative, creative, etc).

What one distraction in your life or in your time do you need to reduce or eliminate to help you achieve your goals?

By answering these questions and doing an inventory of our lives, results, and desires, we become aware of what we want to consciously create in our lives and results.

I invite you this week or weekend to take an hour of personal time to reflect, journal, and/or meditate to become clear on what matters most to you and the desired changes that you want to implement.

Awareness, clarity, and decisions are the bedrock of creating an exceptional life!

Cheering you on!



The Beginning is the End

Do you have a morning ritual? I mean we all do to some degree, but I’m more interested in if you have a “consciously creating my morning/day ritual” in place?

The Beginning Is The End.

Let me explain – the way we BEGIN the day creates the entire tone of the day and therefore; to some degree is the END. Make sense? You’ve likely heard the famous thought or idea, “Begin With The End In Mind” by Stephen R. Covey of the popular book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. With this concept, it is supporting the principle that all things are created twice – once mentally or spiritually and second, physically. As we imagine and/or plan out the end results of our days, our odds of achieving those results increase significantly. When you are clear with what you want to achieve and experience, you then use this clarity as your LIGHTHOUSE to guide your actions and priorities throughout the day. Now, you can apply this to any goal or on a smaller scale, to any day.

I’ve been challenging all of my coaching clients to create a morning ritual. Conscious Creation. That they begin their day with what is often called, “Hour of Power” – which denotes 20 minutes to physical such as exercise, 20 minutes to spiritual such as reading, meditating, prayer, gratitude etc, and 20 minutes to mental/intellectual development such as reading, listening or reviewing goals or visualizing. I’m not telling my clients what has to be there – I’m just challenging them to create a conscious ritual of how they choose to start the day versus just rolling out of bed and going with whatever the mood of the moment or child in their space is demanding. This requires a little bit of planning and a little bit of follow through. (Okay, maybe a lot of follow through, but the point is to start this powerful new habit). It doesn’t even have to be an hour. It could be taking the first 10 minutes upon waking to journal gratitude thoughts for 2 minutes, reviewing goals for 5 minutes, and connecting to Source through prayer or meditation for 3 minutes. The point is – the Beginning is the End – so I challenge YOU – yes, you, the one reading this blog, to decide/get clear on what you choose your morning ritual to be and therefore, you’re choosing to a large degree what your entire day will be. And as we choose our days, we also choose the weeks, months, years, and the LIVES we want to be consciously creating and experiencing.

What is your morning ritual? What will it be beginning tomorrow?

If you have ideas that are working for you, please share it here in the comments ~ thank you!!