Do you want to get more done? Make faster progress on your goals? See tangible results in your life?

It’s been wisely said that, “Accountability, not Ability, determines your Results.”

Do you have ACCOUNTABILITY for your goals established in your life?

This is today’s million dollar question.

If you answered “no,” this one major factor could be what is holding you back from the million dollar lifestyle ~ million dollar relationships, million dollar health, million dollar career path or business, or literally a million dollar bank account.

Without accountability, you fall prey to the number one issue derailing your action taking with your goals: allowing your moods or emotions to determine your follow through.

When I ask if you have accountability in your life, I’m asking if you have a coach, an accountability partner, and/or a mastermind group structured into your life?

The value of having coaches in my life has been a game changer to my results. When you have accountability from positive coaches, partners or mastermind groups in your life they do three critical things for you and your results:

1.   They know of your goals and cheer you on in going for them

2.   They hold you accountable to pursuing action items that achieve these goals

3.   They stretch you farther than you will push yourself to achieve your goals and dreams faster while also helping you work through the challenges and obstacles of growth.

This support in your life is invaluable!

Accountability = Action and Action = Results

See, without accountability in our lives, we let ourselves off the hook. We procrastinate. We let fear or doubt or distractions take us off path. And the biggest factor in my experiences, is we allow our moods or emotions determine our follow through. We go to the gym if we “feel like it” or we don’t go because “we’re too tired.” We complete the sales calls or book proposal if it’s “convenient” versus critical to the next steps of our progress.

This doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that you’re not motivated: it means that you’re human.

“Accountability, not ability, determines our results.”

The issue isn’t your ability or if you’re smart enough. Or if you could just be more organized or whatever the block is in your life. With a coach and accountability in your life you will get more done, more often, and in faster time than going this path of achievement on your own.

You deserve a million dollar lifestyle in your relationships, your health, your career, and yes, your bank account. If you’re serious about having this lifestyle, get a coach or an accountability partner or team in your life as soon as possible. Don’t delay. Don’t procrastinate. Take action on this advice today. You may be thinking, “once I get ahead financially or I’m less busy, then I’ll get a coach” with the irony that likely to help you get ahead financially or less busy and more balanced with your time will happen once you hire the coach or set up your accountability partner.

As Jim Rohn has brilliantly said, “If you want more than what you’ve got, you must become more than who you are.” Work on you, develop you, and invest in you to create the results you want.

You’re worth it!

To Your Success,


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit