We get what we focus on.

Seek and ye shall find.

What we think about, we bring about.

However you want to say it, the same TRUTH is at play here. Our minds are powerful creation machines. Whatever you plug into it on a consistent basis, it will continue to manufacture more thoughts, feelings, and results that mirror those thoughts. In other words, what we give our attention to gets bigger or expands in our lives and produces results right in alignment with the directions the mind has given out.

The great news is this: we can choose the thoughts we think. I’m not saying every random thought that ever crosses our mind, yet rather become clear about what you do want to think about, focus on, and expand in your life, your relationships, your bank account, and your body.

Think of a current challenge you’re facing ~ it may be brand new or an oldie of several years. Got one? Just pick one for this exercise sake. 🙂

Now, consider the last few days, weeks, or months. When you tend to “think” about this challenge are you more often thinking and feeling positively or negatively? Likely negative odds say.

Now that we are once again AWARE we can choose our thoughts, choose a thought that comes from your problem solver, your high self, your best you. Put that chosen thought down in writing of how you choose to “think” about (and make bigger in your life) this very challenge or perhaps now, opportunity you’re facing. For example, “I am capable. I am creating peace and harmony in my body. I am learning to trust myself with money. I am following through on my organization. I am choosing to respond to all challenges in a calm manner.”

We all get what we focus on. So choose in your favor and focus on the good things you already have and want to experience more of in your life. “Thoughts Become Things” ~ Mike Dooley. If you want different “things”, think different thoughts.

Bless you!


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success principles, strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit www.TheLighthousePrinciples.com