Today is the 1 year anniversary of me moving into my current home.

The home is delightful and I really enjoy being in this space. It’s a great home, an old Cape Cod, traditional looking home built in 1928. It’s got the charm and character of an older home with some great updates and remodels on the inside to accomodate more modern times.

The home is great, no doubt about it. Even cooler than the home is one angle of what this home represents to me. I first saw this home in May of 2009. Within 5 days, I saw it a second time. The next day as I sat outside, I put in writing my very clear and specific desire to live in this home. To exactness I wrote, “I am loving living in my new home at (exact address) by August 1st, 2009 and I am thrilled at the negotiated sales price or something better.” I wrote and rewrote with EMOTION this affirmation.

And guess when I moved in and began sleeping here in this home? Yes, August 1st, 2009. 🙂

Now, the real juicy stuff is what happened between May 2009 and August 1st, 2009…here’s the condensed version:

I put the affirmation in writing and then wrote a letter to the sellers of the property sharing with them my vision of this home…pumpkins on the porch in the fall, wreaths in the windows in the winter, pancake breakfasts on Saturday morning…as well as my sincere desire and respect for this home. An offer was submitted with this letter. Conteroffers ensued. The deal dropped. A week later they dropped the price again and a new offer and counteroffers began. Another party entered in and offered them close to $20,000 MORE than my offer. And I prayed, hope, visualized, and yes, even surrendered that something better may be in store and that this home may not work out. In other words low attachment to the outcome…as best as I could. 🙂 My husband tells me I would of robbed a bank to get what I want…however, I didn’t have to go that far as they chose us and our offer! They felt like they wanted to sell it to me/us….wow, I’m sure glad I shared my vision with them too!

So as I reflect on this great day of the reminder of having clear intentions, clear desires, and those intentions/desires put in writing and reviewed, I am inspired to think and to share with you…where will you be a year from today? What do you want to achieve next? This month? This year? Next year? Where will you be living? Working? Sharing life with? The beauty is that by you getting clear on what you want to happen significantly shapes it actually happening!! Now, do we always get what we want? Not always. But we never get more than we expect!! So go on, think about what you want. Get clear. Write it down. Put your heart into it and feel it.

And then celebrate when you see the magic happens.