It’s time to come home to yourself.


One of the things I feel most strongly about is the importance of loving and taking care of ourselves. I like to say that you are your own best life coach — this especially applies to knowing what you need in the form of self-care.

To guide you through learning to coach yourself in this area, I recorded a solo episode sharing my thoughts on the one question that always helps me discover what I need to give myself at any time. My hope is that this will serve you through this holiday season and beyond. Because we all need to be a friend to ourselves.

What if you were the safest place you knew?

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show notes

  • The question to ask yourself when you are practicing self-care (2:15)
  • How to manage mood swings or stress during the holidays (8:03)
  • What makes us feel low self-worth (10:35)
  • How to become your own best coach (14:30)
  • The difference between judging yourself and having compassion for yourself (16:03)
  • How to come home to yourself (18:07)

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