I’ve had something on my heart lately.


I keep talking about a certain topic at my speaking engagements and with friends. It keeps coming up, and I know that means I’m meant to share it on the podcast as well.

It’s this: your self-worth and your self-confidence are two different things, and they require different care.

I’m sharing my thoughts on this, with lots of encouragement, truth-telling, and love, in this episode on the podcast. I’d love to hear your thoughts over on social media after you listen.

“Your self-worth is not outside of you.”

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show notes

  • The difference between self-worth and self-confidence (2:35)
  • Daily habits to remind yourself of your worth (7:30)
  • How self-care and self-love make a difference in self-worth (13:20)
  • Ways to shift into feeling self-confident (16:43)

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