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I love the holidays and what I love about them most is the “feeling” that is more present and more palpable than any other time of year. A time of reflection, pondering, and awareness towards our blessings, celebration, family, friends, and our Maker, whatever title you give your Higher Power.

In my studies of successful men and women, I find that those who have a lasting impact and influence in their lives, relationships, sales, and fulfillment are those who live what I’ve deemed the SUPER G’s – gratitude and generosity. They have an attitude of gratitude, keep a gratitude journal, and are quick to express appreciation to others. They also have a giving spirit – whether of their time, resources, or talents. They give generously – sometimes from their pocketbook, sometimes from their time, their pantry, their advice and so on. It’s simply WHO THEY ARE.

Jim Rohn has said, “If you want more than what you’ve got, BECOME more than who you are.” 

We can all state what we want more of – whether it be time, a new home, more clients, less weight, a new romantic partner, and so on. I’ve found the best way to manifest anything I want is…

**To be grateful for what I already have…and to be generous with what I already have.** 

No matter our circumstance, we can always find something to be thankful for and we can always be generous. We can always BE these attributes…this month and always.

I challenge you to do two things this week: 1) Create a written gratitude list every day. This can take 1 minute and you’ll see how it can shift you immediately. 2) Find some way to make someone else’s day brighter – give a compliment, buy their coffee, or offer to help rake their leaves. Whatever way feels right for you, focus on finding ways to be giving to others.

I love that these two universal success principles are timeless in nature and they work to bring happiness and results to all those who apply them. I believe they are ultimate keys to success – success in happiness, health, business, and in short, LIVING!

Much love & gratitude,


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