I love fall so much.


It is my favorite season and I am feeling so cozy. I’m spending time thinking about my year (only about 10 weeks left in 2019!) and what I want to let go of before the year ends. I’m a big believer that when we let go of things we don’t need anymore, we create room for what we now need to come in. This episode is where I’m sharing some of my best practices for letting go and making room for what you are ready to receive.

There’s nothing missing in your life. You simply must make room for it.

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show notes

  • One of the most powerful influences on creation (3:12)
  • How to counteract the tendency to focus on what you’re missing (7:20)
  • Things to clean up before the end of the year (9:23)
  • Tips for decluttering your life little by little (13:05)
  • How to know whether to keep something in your life or let it go (18:22)
  • What happens when we hold onto something we no longer need (19:45)
  • How to let go of relationships that have expired (23:50)
  • Why forgiveness is an important part of letting go (26:35)
  • What judgment does to us (34:15)
Even if the hurt isn’t your responsibility, the healing is your responsibility.

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