Podcast: EP 83 Do It Scared

Podcast: EP 83 Do It Scared

Have you been scared of a big change?


Real talk friends: I’m about to get married and it’s brought up all the nerves about change and entering a new chapter. I know you can relate whether or not you’ve been married. But I wanted to lean into the fear I’ve been experiencing and share with you how I navigate it. It’s such a normal part of growth and evolution, and the more we understand it, the easier we can move through it.

In this episode, I share stories from my own life of how I’ve faced big fears during big change and how I moved through it. I give you the tools and recommendations that help me and that I know can help you if you are facing big change right now.

“When we’re in the business of change, it’s totally normal to have fear and discomfort show up.”

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Show notes:

  • The million dollar question I ask when I’m scared of change (4:56)
  • What one of my mentors taught me about making big decisions (9:00)
  • Why I chose to get married again after being happily single (12:10)
  • The question to ask your fear (15:20)
  • What is usually underneath all fear (19:45)
  • Why we trade potential for familiarity (23:20)
  • What to do when the fear shows up (27:05)



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Podcast: EP 58 Embracing Change with Charity Lighten

Podcast: EP 58 Embracing Change with Charity Lighten

Change is here to teach us.


I made a new friend about a year and a half ago who is a true light. It’s so fitting that her last name is Lighten because she lives that in every way.

Charity is a wife, mama, author, widow, entrepreneur, and recent newlywed. Everything she does in business is rooted in a deep desire to simply do her part to make the world a little brighter. She’s an expert on fortitude, fueled by good food and faith, and her obsession is helping others create a healthy lifestyle so they can focus on living a life of purpose and passion!

This conversation will fill your heart, your faith, and your mind with hope and strength to embrace any change you are facing in your life right now.

“There’s different elements of our life that we can’t control but there’s also beautiful elements of our life that we can control.”

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Show notes:

  • What you can control when everything gets hard (6:45)
  • How to cultivate a mindset of resilience and vibrancy (11:19)
  • How something as hard as cancer is a gift (15:35)
  • The keys to living in the present (19:37)
  • How to play the “what if game” to build trust into your life (24:40)
  • What is underneath all fear (27:30)
  • What Charity wrote into her book (33:15)

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If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean the world to me to see your feedback through a rating and review on Apple Podcasts

Change is Afoot!

Change is Afoot!

In my hometown, the season of Fall is in full bloom. The beautiful and bold yellow, reds, and orange leaves have made their debut. The temperatures have chilled off and the wool socks and hot cocoas are being gratefully enjoyed in my home. There are pumpkins on the porch and delicious Fall flavored candles lit each day.

One of my favorite quotes from Henry David Thoreau is this one:

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of earth.”

I love Fall and everything about this season. (Can you tell?)

Seasons changing in our own lives is just as real as the changing of the seasons of the earth. The one constant in life is change and like the thought by Thoreau suggests, embrace each season as it comes.

Although change can tend to bring up fears and discomfort, what is really at play is embracing the uncertainty of the unknown – this is true whether your fear is of failure or of success. When we are leaving behind what is familiar and heading into unknown territory it’s common and normal for fear and second guessing to come forward for you to address.

I invite you to face the fear, walk through it, and you will see that you are stronger, more capable, and simply more fantastic than you previously knew.

Now, some changes come to us that are unwelcomed, unplanned for, and simply hurt. This could be loss in any form – loved ones, job, health, relationship, you name it. Loss is a grieving process of letting go of what once was in your life and/or relationships. I honor that sacred space and there is a need for grief and healing. If you’re in a major transition, please make sure to reach out and get support around you.

I do know that even with the greatest of heartaches, there are opportunities for growth and claiming of a new chapter of life. I have learned even in my own deepest heartaches in certain seasons of my life that even those heartbreaks contained powerful lessons for me to soak in.

Whether the change you’re facing this season is of a major magnitude or the smaller, move the needle type of changes, here are a few questions to help you navigate change:

  1. What is this here to teach me? What is the lesson of this experience?
  2. What’s the gift of this new season?
  3. Why am I resisting this change? What’s the fear really about? What if I could surrender versus struggle with this change?
  4. What would I rather experience or create in my life?
  5. What small change can I make today that with time will have the greatest influence?

I also find that activities like increased self care (exercise, rest, & nutrition) and surrounding ourselves with positive and loving people, books, or materials can help during the change process.

I would invite you to consider that change is also to be celebrated too, right? All to often we’re resisting change or in fear of it. Yet consider this, for many of you if your life was the exact same 10 years from today, you would be miserable! Change gives life a lot of juice, excitement, new adventure & discovery, and allows for even greater things, people, and opportunities to come to us. Change can get a bad rap, but it’s also that same change that gives you growth, meaning, purpose, and opportunities!

Consider this…just what if life was always working for your highest good? Hmmm….

Just what if we could trust a little more and doubt a little less?…of life, others, ourselves, etc.?

Just what if we could resign ourselves (surrender) to the season we are in, even if it’s painful and ouchy and scary and gleam the juicy gems and insights that are waiting to be seen?

Just what if change really does come bearing gifts?

I echo the classic sentiments expressed many years ago…

“To everything there is a season and a purpose under heaven.”

There is purpose to the season you are in. There are many things to be grateful for no matter what swirls around us. Embrace the changes you’re facing, allow them to teach you, and celebrate that life has great things in store for you (uncertainty wrapped in excitement).

“Change comes bearing gifts…” – Price Pritchett.

Cheers to you fellow traveler of change.