Are You All In?

A favorite Zen proverb of mine says, “There are many ways to cross the river. You just have to have both feet in one boat.”

I find this enlightening on many levels and multiple areas of application.

In essence, I read this to say COMMITMENT…commitment to my spiritual path, commitment to my marriage, commitment to my business and it’s success. Commitment to playing life full out.

How often am I/you one foot in and one foot out? Maybe not necessarily physically yet mentally or emotionally?

Do you find yourself entertaining the back door? The real Mr. or Mrs. Right around the corner versus one you’re with? The next multi level marketing company or job opportunity versus the one you’re in?

Look, I’m all about making positive change in my life and encouraging others to do the same. That isn’t the intention today. The intention today is that as long as we are one foot in the boat and one foot out, we will never know the fruit or beauty of that experience or that path. Does that make sense?

We rob ourselves of the very thing we want to create by being on the fence. Sort of in, but not completely. It’s very easy to be afflicted by bright-shiny-itis! I know because it’s been a lesson for me too.

When coaching others with their goals, very often the question of should I stay or should I go as it relates mainly to either a personal relationship or a job/career/business comes up. One foot in and one foot out. Stick it out or make a run for it.

My advice. Get ALL THE WAY IN for 90 Days. Define for yourself what ALL THE WAY IN means to you. In your thoughts. Your language. Your Actions.

If 90 days feels like too much, commit to 30 or 60 days, but the important thing here is to DECIDE and to COMMIT both feet in the boat.

Rather than jump ship again, commit where you are and allow yourself to truly be there for a period of time. The commitment will create movement, clarity, and insights as to your direction. Through this Commitment you will find one of two things:

1 – The Boat You’re Already In Is Right For You ~ and now that you’re committed you’ll results.

2 – You’ll Realize This Isn’t Right For You ~ and now you know that you know that you’ve given you’re very best (which you can only control you anyways) and with that knowledge you will have PEACE to change boats rather than deal with the second guessing plague that comes to those who know they haven’t given something their all.

We all want the RESULTS of a thriving business, successful MLM downline, or a connected, loving relationship. Results follow Decision, Commitment, and Follow Through…

So get in that boat ~ ALL THE WAY IN ~ and I’ll see you on the other side of the bank.

To Your Success,


Do You Trust Your Intuition?

Two weeks ago I had the reoccuring inner nudge that sounded like this: “I want to get in my pajamas and watch a movie. Snuggle up. Rest. Enjoy this season.” Of which my logical, RESPONSIBLE mind, said, “I can’t do that. It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I have STUFF to do. Lots of work and catch up. Maybe later in the month.”

The INNER NUDGE for this request came three times within three days.

Although that inner kid or my highest self – whichever you call it – said YES, my logical mind or  the JUDGE as I call that voice said no. Too irresponsible. Stuff to do. I can rest later in the month. And so on.

So what happened? About a week later (last week) I started developing a sore throat and a nasty cold. And then guess what happened? I had to rest. And I ended up in my pajamas and watching movies. 🙂

Wouldn’t it have been easier for me to trust my INNER NUDGES (intuition) and simply honored what my body was saying I needed in the first place?

Yes, of course. I am reminded once again to trust and have faith in my inner nudges, knowing that resting and playing and JOY are the keys to success and achievement. To trust, versus deny, my inner nudges, promptings, and impressions even if they don’t make “sense”.

What is your INNER NUDGE telling you to do?



Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success principles, strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit

Thoughts Become Things

We get what we focus on.

Seek and ye shall find.

What we think about, we bring about.

However you want to say it, the same TRUTH is at play here. Our minds are powerful creation machines. Whatever you plug into it on a consistent basis, it will continue to manufacture more thoughts, feelings, and results that mirror those thoughts. In other words, what we give our attention to gets bigger or expands in our lives and produces results right in alignment with the directions the mind has given out.

The great news is this: we can choose the thoughts we think. I’m not saying every random thought that ever crosses our mind, yet rather become clear about what you do want to think about, focus on, and expand in your life, your relationships, your bank account, and your body.

Think of a current challenge you’re facing ~ it may be brand new or an oldie of several years. Got one? Just pick one for this exercise sake. 🙂

Now, consider the last few days, weeks, or months. When you tend to “think” about this challenge are you more often thinking and feeling positively or negatively? Likely negative odds say.

Now that we are once again AWARE we can choose our thoughts, choose a thought that comes from your problem solver, your high self, your best you. Put that chosen thought down in writing of how you choose to “think” about (and make bigger in your life) this very challenge or perhaps now, opportunity you’re facing. For example, “I am capable. I am creating peace and harmony in my body. I am learning to trust myself with money. I am following through on my organization. I am choosing to respond to all challenges in a calm manner.”

We all get what we focus on. So choose in your favor and focus on the good things you already have and want to experience more of in your life. “Thoughts Become Things” ~ Mike Dooley. If you want different “things”, think different thoughts.

Bless you!


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success principles, strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit

Do You Have a JOY List?

Do You Have a JOY List?

Years ago one of my personal coaches invited me to make a “happy list.” This list would entail the various activities that would increase my own personal happiness. It was a brilliant idea and one that I implemented at the time. Some time after this coaching session, another mentor shared making a list titled, “25 things I love to do that don’t cost money.” I loved this one too. Things like baking cookies, bubblebaths, organizing, making cards, reading, doing a mani/pedi at home, all showed up on the list and it is still in my dayplanner for a quick reference.

Lately in coaching my own clients, I have been assigning them to create a JOY list for themselves and then depending on where their current happiness, self esteem, and success is at, I’ll assign them to do anywhere from 3 things a week to one every day off that list. The results are powerful.

See, here is a truth I’ve learned and relearn all the time: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.



The more that you feel joyful and hopeful and optimistic and fulfilled in life, the more you’re willing to go for in life, you stay in the positive game, you attract other people, resources, and opportunities to you all because your energy level is so delicious to other people. If you want to be more successful, focus on getting more JOY into your life on a daily and weekly basis. Isn’t that the point of living anyways?!

My other fanfare with the JOY list is that it puts your own happiness and fulfillment where it should be: in your hands. We can often get tripped up waiting for someone or something to come along and bring us joy or happiness versus creating it for ourselves. The more we are joyful ourselves the more others want to play with us anyways. Now, that’s worth thinking about.

enJOY your day!


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit

The Million Dollar Question

Do you want to get more done? Make faster progress on your goals? See tangible results in your life?

It’s been wisely said that, “Accountability, not Ability, determines your Results.”

Do you have ACCOUNTABILITY for your goals established in your life?

This is today’s million dollar question.

If you answered “no,” this one major factor could be what is holding you back from the million dollar lifestyle ~ million dollar relationships, million dollar health, million dollar career path or business, or literally a million dollar bank account.

Without accountability, you fall prey to the number one issue derailing your action taking with your goals: allowing your moods or emotions to determine your follow through.

When I ask if you have accountability in your life, I’m asking if you have a coach, an accountability partner, and/or a mastermind group structured into your life?

The value of having coaches in my life has been a game changer to my results. When you have accountability from positive coaches, partners or mastermind groups in your life they do three critical things for you and your results:

1.   They know of your goals and cheer you on in going for them

2.   They hold you accountable to pursuing action items that achieve these goals

3.   They stretch you farther than you will push yourself to achieve your goals and dreams faster while also helping you work through the challenges and obstacles of growth.

This support in your life is invaluable!

Accountability = Action and Action = Results

See, without accountability in our lives, we let ourselves off the hook. We procrastinate. We let fear or doubt or distractions take us off path. And the biggest factor in my experiences, is we allow our moods or emotions determine our follow through. We go to the gym if we “feel like it” or we don’t go because “we’re too tired.” We complete the sales calls or book proposal if it’s “convenient” versus critical to the next steps of our progress.

This doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that you’re not motivated: it means that you’re human.

“Accountability, not ability, determines our results.”

The issue isn’t your ability or if you’re smart enough. Or if you could just be more organized or whatever the block is in your life. With a coach and accountability in your life you will get more done, more often, and in faster time than going this path of achievement on your own.

You deserve a million dollar lifestyle in your relationships, your health, your career, and yes, your bank account. If you’re serious about having this lifestyle, get a coach or an accountability partner or team in your life as soon as possible. Don’t delay. Don’t procrastinate. Take action on this advice today. You may be thinking, “once I get ahead financially or I’m less busy, then I’ll get a coach” with the irony that likely to help you get ahead financially or less busy and more balanced with your time will happen once you hire the coach or set up your accountability partner.

As Jim Rohn has brilliantly said, “If you want more than what you’ve got, you must become more than who you are.” Work on you, develop you, and invest in you to create the results you want.

You’re worth it!

To Your Success,


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit

Your 4th Quarter FOCUS

I love the change of seasons. I don’t know where you live, but here in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, the seasons are in transition from summer to the beginning of autumn. You can feel the temperatures cool off and you can feel a change in the air that change is upon us.  I love what Price Pritchett has so eloquently stated, “Change comes bearing gifts…”

With every new season is the reminder that we too can focus on changing and creating a new season and a new experience for our lives. As fall is upon us (or whatever season you’re heading into now), I’d like you to consider the following thought and question to support you in creating your best life NOW….

Who would you like to become and what would you like to achieve in the 4th Quarter of 2010?

Rather than wait until the New Year – 2011 – is upon us and we are setting goals, plans, and resolutions, let’s get focused on the season we are in and create powerful changes now, for this is the moment that we have…

So my challenge to you is this: how do you want to start 2011? What do you want to focus on becoming and achieving NOW in 4th Quarter 2010 so as you begin 2011 you are already creating and becoming the success you want now?

Create a focus or goal for the following areas to achieve, experience, or become in this season:

-       Health & Fitness – What kind of energy do you want to begin 2011 with?

-       Relationships – Personally or professionally, what do you want to see grow and transpire?

-       Career & Business – What one project completed could rocket your career or business to the next level?

-       Home Life – Is your home peaceful for you? What simple things can you do to create more peace in your home?

-       Organization – Spaces such as office, home, car, filing, time, etc. Are you organized? Implement the 15 minute rule to                 address areas throughout the week.

-       Financial – What is your 4th Quarter financial goal? If you don’t have one, get one!

-       Fun & Recreation – Create a “Joy List” where you outline the various activities that bring you joy and happiness and                    then do 3 things off that list every week. More joy = greater ability to attract what you want AND joy is something we can               do for ourselves every day.

-       The Holidays – if applicable to you, get clear now on what experiences you want to create with friends and family and                   then treat this like any other goal that you make plans, affirmations, and intentions for. It’s amazing what you can create              when you are clear!

I wish you an amazing 4th Quarter focus! Continue to ask yourself the questions, ponder, and get clear about what you want to achieve in this season for your life and goals. Enjoy!!

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Tiffany Walke Peterson is a  Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit