Podcast: EP 40 Waiting Is a Dream Stealer

Podcast: EP 40 Waiting Is a Dream Stealer

Let’s go for it.


I’m talking straight to your heart today. It’s time to go for the next step. Take action. The time for waiting on that thing you’ve been wanting to do for so long is over. It’s time to go for it.

I’m celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the podcast and with that, I’m thinking about how grateful I am that I finally launched the show 1 year ago. Truth be told, I had put it off for 2 years, even though I knew I wanted to do it. And now these past 40 episodes are out in the world, because I stopped waiting. And it’s time for you to stop waiting too. Let’s go for it.

Am I willing to take imperfect action to achieve my goals?

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Show notes:

  • How to get yourself to do something you’ve been putting off (3:30)
  • Questions to ask yourself to get clear on your next action step (6:40)
  • The difference between doing and deciding (13:15)
  • How to know when your intuition is talking (15:05)
  • Why resistance shows up before you take big action (19:50)

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Podcast: EP 14 The Power of Intention

Podcast: EP 14 The Power of Intention

It’s a new year, and i’m sharing my favorite goal setting tools.


I hope you enjoyed and celebrated the holidays as much as I did. It was a beautiful gift, and now the new year is here. In this first episode of the year, and Season 2 of the podcast, I am sharing some key tools I use to set and accomplish effective goals.

If you’ve struggled with goal-setting in the past, have a little emotional trauma around accomplishing them, or want to achieve a whole new level of creation this year, I’ve recorded a solo episode just for you. There are three keys to manifesting what you want in life, and I share my best coaching around this intention with you here.

 “Without vision in our lives, we simply repeat what is familiar.”

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show notes

  • Why what we focus on matters so much (2:42)
  • How to think about goal-setting if you have struggled with it in the past (5:02)
  • The first key to creating anything in your life (7:58)
  • An exercise to get clear on your priorities for the year (23:30)
  • The second key to creating anything in your life (24:05)
  • The third key to creating anything in your life (30:37)
  • What to do if you are ready for next-level creation and manifestation (32:30)
  • Resources to help you take your goal setting to the next level (34:27)

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If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean the world to me to see your feedback through a rating and review on Apple Podcasts

The Law of the Harvest

The Law of the Harvest

I love Spring and I love Fall – and I love how the two are connected. I’ve been spending time planting new flowers, weeding, and gardening quite a bit this last week. I love the new season that is upon us.

Gardening is symbolic of life – planting, nourishing, weeding, and when done consistently, beautiful and amazing results follow our efforts.

Your business and success in life is just like a garden. What we plant and nourish (for positive or negative) will bring forth results that match our efforts. The great news is that we are the gardener of our lives – with the ability to shape and create the results we desire.

Now, many times we face hot opposition, struggles, lack of motivation, or frustration in not seeing the results as fast as we would like. That’s normal and common to every person on the planet. Yet what separates you from the common is how you respond to that opposition…

I invite you to take 3 minutes and watch this simple, yet profoundly powerful video – The Law of the Harvest – where I promise you that something shared in this video will be a nugget you’re needing or searching for…for this one Universal truth changes everything.


Your Harvest can never be prevented when you do your part to nourish your goals, sales, and business on a regular basis. Push through your “July” when it shows up and you also will meet with success!

Persistence ALWAYS trumps talent!

You got this,


Perfect is Great, DONE is Better

Perfect is Great, DONE is Better

A few years ago as I was working on a new project that I was struggling to complete, my coach at the time said these valuable words, “Perfect is great, done is better.”

It rang a very loud bell for me. To this day that phrase is on a simple 3×5 card in my office that I see every day.

It has served me well over the last few years as a wisdom that helps me to move forward and produce, even when I know (and accept) that it won’t be perfect.

In the quest for achieving our goals – growing a business, starting a project, producing a website/book/event/product, you name it – we want to produce high quality content, right? Which is a great thing! I will always strive for excellence and quality AND I’m also aware that many times there is a trap there wanting to suck you in for life. The trap has a name called “perfectionism” and it can keep you and your goals in a holding pen for months, years, or even a lifetime.

Which the trouble is, no matter what it won’t ever be “perfect.” It can be great and powerful, yet you could always find ways to improve anything. And that vicious cycle stifles our growth, follow through, and expression of the passion that wants to flow through us.

Yesterday I was on a walk in my neighborhood with thoughts about how amazing life is, how much life I want to live, and goals my heart wants to achieve. And for whatever reason I had the awareness that there isn’t an infinite amount of time to get after our goals and creating our best lives. We must take action in the time we have now. Yes, we can always improve and progress as long as we’re living; yet the truth is that our lives and our goals have an expiration date.

We have an expiration date for this life.
Our goals have an expiration date too.

My point in being so dramatic?

If we’re stuck in waiting for life to be perfect to make desired changes – to leave that job or relationship, to write that book or host that event, take that trip or get serious about the bucket list – all in the name of waiting for it to be “perfect”, we will likely have regrets. And that is no way to live.

So ask yourself, what’s something I am putting off doing or completing because I’m waiting for it to be perfect?

Is it writing your book or producing a product?
Is it waiting to market yourself until you have another certification?
Is it staying where you’re waiting for the perfect time to change what’s burning in your heart?

What if we could change that perspective to one of progress versus perfection?

For me, this is your most important goal: PROGRESS, not perfection.

Progress is realistic. Progress can happen every day. Progress is how we tackle an overwhelming, huge, and out-of-our-comfort-zone type of goal.

Coaching Assignment:

Consider a goal that you’ve always wanted to go for, but haven’t yet. Write it down.

Identify 3 to 5 simple actions you could begin taking TODAY and do it. Then pick one and do it!
Place the phrase, “Perfect is Great, DONE is Better” somewhere where you will see it often.

Realize that under perfectionism is simply just fear holding you hostage. The fears of “what if I fail? Or is it good enough? What will people think? Who am I to share this?” are all very common culprits creating the perfectionism trap.

Take your power back from the fears of you or your project needing to be perfect and invest it into the path of progress. Your progress is what creates your life and your results, with all its beautiful imperfections along the way.

Isn’t it time?!
I thought so too.

Let me know how it goes.